The final report of The People’s Conversation – Citizen’s Rising – reflected the citizen’s conversations and recommended that citizens be resourced and supported. It also recommended that active citizenship be nurtured through civil society and our education system.

The report highlighted that we need to understand citizenship in a broader, international context, and not just as a technical or legal status – it isn’t just about a passport!

The clearest thing that emerged from the initiative was that, in the coming decades, the people themselves must be more involved in shaping Irish society.

Citizens were very clear about this.

We want to help make their recommendations a reality. To do this we have now initiated Phase II of this project in a bid to progress some of the issues identified in the report.

In order to progress these ideas we want to engage with, work with and influence a broad range of partners who are working within the sector. We need to work together and come up with ideas and solutions that could progress the citizens recommendations.

The Wheel and the Carnegie UK Trust have convened support groups of partners to take action collectively. We are working with partners in civil society and politics to make citizenship a key issue in the next General Election.

Our goal is to secure the widespread adoption of a progressive programme of reform which would benefit all citizens as inspired by the People’s Conversation.

We are motivated and inspired by this process and we hope you are too! Keep an eye on the website for updates and please feel free to contact us if you would like to be involved or have any suggestions!