We believe a new vision for citizenship can be shaped by people engaging in deep and challenging conversations on values and expectations. The People’s Conversation got people talking in small, diverse groups, sharing insights, generating ideas and inspiring each other to action.

Our partner organisations convened a number of Conversation Groups of 12-15 members each, drawn from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, to hold a series of conversations over a 12 month period. The discussion was open but challenging and considered the following questions:

–       “What is shaping our future?”

–       “What do citizens expect and what is expected of citizens?”

The final report, Citizen’s Rising, recommended that citizens be resourced and supported, and active citizenship be nurtured through civil society and the education system. It highlighted the need to understand citizenship in its broader, international context, and not just as a technical or legal status.

A series of common themes and one unifying aspiration emerged: in the coming decades the people themselves must be more involved in shaping Irish society.

The People’s Conversation demonstrated the passion people have to get involved in shaping their futures when they are encouraged and supported to do so.